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We offer complete network administration services to maintain the functionality, integrity and security of your network. In depth systems review of requirements to keep your company data and information flowing in a well structured environment, from hardware and software, to network testing and monitoring.


  • System architecture

  • Cybersecurity

  • Security Framework review

  • NIST 800, ISA99, IEC 62443, SANS CIS 20, ONG-C2M2

  • Gap Assessments

  • Design process

  • Expandability

  • Upgrades

  • Administration

  • Server consolidation

  • Network assessments

  • Testing services

  • Remote administration


Offering to our clients any assistance required to full-fill long or short term contracts. Do you have a large or small project that needs to be taken care of? Ready for a corporate network expansion or an Industrial IT field Automation project to install or migrate an existing system?  Looking for ICS Cybersecurity Assessment's and Gap Analysis? Our experience covers a wide range of services from network and systems administration to architecture design, installation and training. Specializing in all Microsoft server and workstation environments, including a variety of HMI SCADA/DCS applications. Additional resources available to administer a wide range of other platforms and software programs.




In today's changing environment it is a requirement to have a reliable source for service, assistance and information to support your systems environment. Whether to assist in back ups, design, expansion, recovery, security or virus removal we can help with your operations.


  • Service contracts

  • Back ups

  • Off site storage

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Disaster recovery

  • Rebuild

  • Virus removal

  • Help desk

  • Emergency support

  • On-site services

  • Repairs

  • Mobile service



Whether a data center installation with server class cabinets and networking cluster, mass storage including UPS. Or work station's and laptop's we can assist in the review, purchase and installation of your hardware needs.


  • Industrial Systems

  • Commercial

  • Custom built systems

  • Deployment to offices, field sites

  • Upgrades

  • Server clusters

  • Back ups and redundancy

  • Mobile computing





Networks - Process Control, Industrial OT and Corporate IT

Differing types of networks require a different approach with special consideration given to each. We understand the required up-time and Security of ICS Process Control (SCADA/DCS) and Real Time Data historian system HMI's. The harsh environments in Industrial and data centers in Corporate. The inherent differences between each require a different approach. With all the changes in technology over the past years we can assist in the expansion and migration of existing systems or a complete new installation.


  • Architectural design

  • New installations

  • Expansion

  • Wireless

  • Fiber optic

  • Ethernet

  • Switches

  • Panels

  • Line drops

  • Outlets

  • Configuration



Besides working in the offices in the city of Calgary, businesses like the Oil and Gas Industry, also have field sites around Alberta and other provinces. Corlen Technologies has been specializing in servicing extremely remote Oil and Gas field sites. Where wireless solutions may be the only option, implementing satellite and radio networks to send data back to field offices and head offices. Remote servicing by 4 X 4 vehicles or even a helicopter may be the only solution in order to complete installations, maintenance and back ups of these areas.


  • SCADA/DCS systems

  • Remote access

  • Experienced off road travel

  • Alberta & BC survey systems

  • Valid safety tickets

  • Radio towers

  • Alignment

  • Configurations

A Few of Our Past & Present


  • Multiple installations of ICS Process Control Networks for SCADA and DCS

  • Design Network segmentation between Corporate and ICS

  • Cybersecurity and Firewall audits

  • Complete IT administration

  • Process Control software support to HMI's and historians

  • Server builds, deployments, migrations  and consolidations

  • Data and storage expansion, SAN/NAS mass storage

  • Field office Data Center installations

  • UPS sizing, HVAC sizing, floor plans, network layouts, architecture review

  • Console and Work station deployments, upgrades and moves

  • Active Directory, DNS, WINS, DHCP, IPSec, VPN, Exchange, SBS

  • Software installations, patch updates, and virus removal

  • Help desk support, emergency and mobile services

  • Network expansion and rewiring

  • Wireless solutions

  • Preventative maintenance, back ups, off site storage and network monitoring

  • Remote access for administration, maintenance, updates, monitoring and troubleshooting

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